3 Ways DIY Repairs Damage Your Heating System

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In an attempt to save money, some homeowners try to repair their broken heating system by themselves. But the truth is that no amount of YouTube tutorials will replace the skill and expertise that a professional technician from JNR Plumbing can offer. Here are three ways that DIY repairs can go terribly awry.

1. You May Damage the Unit Further

Your hydronic heating system’s inner components are delicate and sensitive to damage. If you’re unfamiliar with the unit’s internal system, it’s very easy to bend or break the moving parts. The resulting repairs can be quite costly and even overshadow the price of fixing the initial problem. For that reason, it’s more cost-effective to have a professional technician complete hydronic heating repairs than attempt them yourself.

2. You May Void the Manufacturer Warranty

Most heating systems come with a manufacturer warranty that covers the replacement of defective parts. However, these warranties often have a stipulation that replacement and repairs must be handled by a licensed professional. By tinkering around, you may actually be causing more harm and voiding your warranty. In other words, you’ve transferred the financial liability of the repair from the manufacturer onto yourself.

3. You May Lengthen the Time for Repairs

It’s important to have heating repairs completed as quickly as possible. Allowing the hydronic heating system to run while something is wrong can result in further damage and more extensive repairs. Not only that, but you’ll be subjected to an uncomfortably chilly house in the meantime. Trained technicians work with speed and efficiency. We know the system’s layout like the back of our hand, and we’ve completed common repair jobs dozens of times. We’ll have your hydronic heating system back up and running as soon as possible, minimizing further damage.

Here at JNR Plumbing, our technicians are licensed and have years of hands-on experience with furnace repairs. They’ll be able to accurately diagnose the problem and provide long-lasting solutions. We also provide a full range of services for hydronic heating systems, including maintenance, installation, and replacements. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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