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When you call JNR Plumbing about a clog or blockage, professional auguring or “snaking” may be what’s recommended. It’s a method of drain cleaning in Westport, CT that can be highly effective when done correctly. Below, we take a closer look at snaking and what it can accomplish.

How It Works

Also called cabling, snaking is done by inserting a thin, long, flexible cable into a blocked, slow, or clogged drain. The end of the cable inserted into the drain has a metal coil that’s twisted downward in a way that hooks onto or dislodges debris. When the snake is removed, normal drain flow is restored.

Why It’s Done

Drain snaking is typically recommended if the clog or blockage is primarily limited to one area or fairly minor. It can, for instance, be an effective way to clear away excess toilet paper or accumulated debris from grease, fats, and other materials that tend to get into drains. In some situations, a professional auger may also be used to break up tree roots in drain lines.

Benefits of Professional Snaking

Yes, it’s possible to buy your own manual or electric drain auger. However, it’s better to have an experienced drain cleaning company like JNR Plumbing do this type of cleaning. It’s surprisingly easy to make an unintended misstep that creates entirely new issues. Professional snaking also benefits you by:

  • Quickly restoring drain flow
  • Preventing further damage to the pipe or your home
  • Reducing the risk of severe backups once the drain is cleared

If you’re noticing slow drains or experiencing recurring clogs or backups, reach out to the top plumber in Westport, CT, JNR Plumbing. One of our seasoned technicians will inspect your drains to determine which approach to cleaning is most appropriate.

Contact us today for access to prompt, affordable, top-quality drain cleaning services in Westport, CT. Feel free to call us or fill out the online form to schedule an appointment.

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