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When you have a problematic clog in your home, you might be tempted to do the job yourself. Keep in mind, however, that a major plumbing issue that needs immediate attention requires a plumber in Darien, CT. Fortunately, you can rely on JNR Plumbing to handle it for you. 

You should know about the adverse effects of chemical drain cleaners and why you should avoid using them.

They Can Damage Pipes

Chemical drain cleaners are made of a combination of harsh chemicals. While these may occasionally clear some clogs, they can also damage your pipes, especially if you have an older home with piping made of older materials. Chemical drain cleaners can start to eat away at the pipes, which leaves you needing more than just drain cleaning in Darien, CT.

They’re Bad for the Environment

The ingredients in chemical drain cleaners are very bad for the environment. Once you use them in your drains, they can seep into the groundwater and soil, which poses significant risks to plants and animals. People can also suffer adverse effects from the chemicals if they use the groundwater. Keep the environment in mind and get professional drain cleaning services instead of using these products.

They’re Toxic to Your Household

You can also put yourself and your family, including your pets, at risk when you use chemical drain cleaners. They consist of toxic chemicals that can cause adverse health effects when you breathe in the fumes. Your skin and eyes can also burn if the ingredients come into contact with them. You should avoid trying to use these products to clear a clogged drain.

They Can Damage Your Septic System

Chemical drain cleaners can also damage the good bacteria in your septic system that’s responsible for breaking down waste products. Drain snaking is a far better option to prevent a disaster like this, which would also cost a lot of money to repair. Using a chemical drain cleaner can even result in the need for a whole new septic system. Don’t take the risk.

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