How Homeowners Damage Their Drains

Clogged kitchen drain

Homeowners rely heavily on their plumbing systems to keep their homes functioning smoothly. Unfortunately, many homeowners unknowingly damage their drains, leading to costly repairs and even more frustrating clogs. As experts in drain cleaning in Stamford, CT, JNR Plumbing understands the importance of maintaining healthy plumbing systems, which is why we want to share some…

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What These Strange Drain Noises Mean

Clogged kitchen

Your drains should not create any noise when used aside from the splashing of water. If you are experiencing these sounds, your drains may have issues and need a professional plumber to fix them. At JNR Plumbing, we specialize in drain cleaning in Stamford CT, and can help you determine the causes of strange drain…

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Why Chemical Cleaners are Bad For Your Drains

Chemical cleaner being poured down the drain

The average homeowner tends to have chemical drain cleaners as their go-to solution for clogged drains. But did you know that pipelines can get damaged soon after applying the chemicals? Being the trusted name for drain cleaning in Stamford CT, JNR Plumbing discourages the use of chemicals when clearing drains. We instead offer safe methods…

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Why Your Drains Smell Bad

a person covering their nose

Foul-smelling drains can be a nightmare in any home. Having a persistent nasty odor from the sink or tub, no matter how clean you keep them, may mean you have a growing problem with the lines. Fortunately, the experts at JNR Plumbing can help you eradicate the issue through professional drain cleaning in Westport, CT.…

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