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JNR Plumbing is the best-rated plumber offering unmatched water heater repair in Wilton CT, and surrounding areas. Anode rods are magnesium or aluminum pieces that attract minerals and iron and protect the tank from corrosion.

While they can last for about three or five years, this lifespan depends on the quality of water being used, how much water passes through the water heater, and how often you schedule water heater services. Here are some common issues you may encounter:


This is the most common and predictable issue because the corrosion shows the anode rod is doing its job. The corrosion usually begins from the top or bottom of the rod, and we typically inspect them during maintenance. We recommend a new water heater installation if the corrosion is over six inches down to the wire.

Calcium Carbonate Buildup

It is not unusual for anode rods to have a white calcium carbonate coating. However, it could harm the rest of the water heater tank because it protects the anode rod from corrosion. The anode rod will no longer attract corrosion, meaning the tank will. If left unchecked, this could result in severe issues that might require awater heater replacement. We can wipe off the coating with a towel during regular maintenance checks.

Soft Water

Many homeowners prefer soft water to hard water and might use softening agents like rock salt or phosphates. However, this can speed up the corrosion and make it happen nearly three times faster. This corrosion will corrode the soft sacrificial metal and might get to the steel wire.

This, in turn, causes damage to the tank’s hex head, and if not taken care of sooner, the damage extends to the rest of the tank. We recommend replacing the rod if it is over 1/2 of its original diameter.

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