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Tank-based heaters are a popular heating option for many homeowners. They provide an easy way to enjoy warm water at home without worrying about constantly refueling the unit. They come in both electric and gas-powered models, so no matter what your needs are, you’ll be able to find something that will work for you. However, if it breaks down and you need water heater repair in Darien, CT, our professionals from JNR Plumbing will service it. Here are the common problems with tank-based heaters.

1.  Overheating

Tank-based heaters provide a lot of heat in a small package, which is why they’re so popular. However, this can lead to overheating if the tank isn’t large enough to support the electricity/gas used. There’s also no way to regulate how much heat the device produces, so you’ll need to be careful when locating it in your home. Please consult a professional plumber in Darien, CT, regarding the place to locate it.

If the unit is in a warm room, it will release more heat than normal and damage nearby material such as carpet or wallpaper. If you notice your unit is overheating, consider contacting us for water heater replacement.

2.  Noisy Operation

Tank-based heaters are very large, which means they contain many moving parts. These parts can be incredibly noisy when used and may disrupt any quiet areas of your home while it’s working. Also, the motorized components sometimes need to draw air in from outside to work properly. So, you could end up with some cold drafts if it isn’t installed correctly. To eliminate the noise problem, you may consider installing a tankless water heater.

3.  Leaky Water Tank

Many tank-based heaters have a water tank inside to hold the heated liquid. Because of the high temperatures, this water can evaporate over time and cause leaks in your system if it isn’t taken care of properly. If you happen to forget about checking the water level in your tank or don’t notice when it runs out, you could end up with an electric shock or fire in your home. Schedule regular water heater services with us today.

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