Common Sump Pump Issues

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For any homeowner, a good sump pump is great protection against basement flooding. However, a sump pump can cause even bigger problems when it fails to function as expected.

The problem is that you never know when a sump pump will fail you. That’s why it is important to have a plumbing company in Norwalk, CT that you can rely on. JNR Plumbing has extensive experience in all types of plumbing services.

What causes sump pumps to fail?

Sump pumps are mechanical gadgets, and like all devices, there’s a possibility for malfunction. Sump pumps require a source of power to operate and when that’s not available, the pump fails.

Additionally, there are certain types of sump pumps that are poorly designed while others fail due to incorrect installation. You need an experienced plumber in Norwalk, CT for proper installation.

Here are 4 common sump pump issues:

  1. Power failure

A sump pump is just like any other electric appliance. It cannot operate without electricity. The only way you can solve this problem is by investing in a high-quality power backup for your sump pump.

  2. Overwhelmed sump pump

It is important to understand that not all sump pumps are the same. Some pumps may not have the capacity or power to handle huge water volumes, particularly when it rains heavily. Luckily, our plumbing services in Norwalk, CT can address a wide range of sump pump issues.

  3. Clogged or frozen discharge lines

A sump pump is designed to push out any water collected through the discharge lines. If the discharge lines are frozen or clogged, the system automatically fails. You will have to look for plumbing repairs in Norwalk, CT to unfreeze or unclog the pump.

  4. Sump pump running continuously

If you notice your sump pump running nonstop without any reasonable cause, then it is an indication of a serious problem. You need emergency plumbing in Norwalk, CT to fix the issue right away.

JNR Plumbing boasts of a broad range of technicians who have amassed extensive experience in plumbing over the years. Call us today for all your plumbing issues.

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