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It can be very annoying to experience low water pressure in your home, especially when trying to enjoy a nice shower or cleaning the dishes. Fortunately, low water pressure can be easy to solve. JNR Plumbing, the trusted plumber in Darien, CT, shares some of the top causes of low water pressure below: 

1. Faulty Fixtures

One of the main reasons why your home’s water pressure is so low is due to faulty fixtures. If your shower or faucet has been running for a long time, it could have accumulated rust. If the fixture is clogged, it can easily be detected when you have a flow issue. Call your trusted local plumber for plumbing repairs if you notice that you have faulty fixtures.

2. Clogged Pipes

Some types of pipes degrade over time. If you live in an old home that uses galvanized pipes, then it’s time to replace them. Unfortunately, these pipes can still get damaged and become unusable even after replacing them. A plumbing company can determine how to best unclog your pipes to get your water pressure back to normal.

3. Valve Issues

Two valves are located outside of your home. The first one is the meter located on the street, while the second one is located near your house. If they are not open fully, water pressure can decrease. If you suspect that your home is suffering from valve issues, be sure to schedule plumbing services right away.

4. Leaking or Cracked Pipes

An emergency plumbing issue that can cause low water pressure is damaged pipes. If they are leaking or cracked, you need to schedule plumbing repairs as soon as possible. If a leak has occurred under the foundation or inside the walls, it could be the reason your water pressure dropped. Having a professional inspect and repair the issue could help prevent a major issue.

If you are not happy with your home’s water pressure, a professional from JNR Plumbing can help you determine the problem. Contact us today for an appointment.

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