Dealing With A Toilet Backup

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If your toilet backs up and won’t drain after more than an hour, it probably isn’t just a clog. Dealing with more than a minor toilet backup can be no easy task. Though there are many reasons for a backup, and a clog is obviously the most common, if the backup can’t be cured with a few good pumps of a toilet plunger it is best to contact JNR Plumbing for a plumber in Stamford, CT.

There are several issues that may require you to contact our local plumbing company for your toilet. Sometimes, there is something stuck inside that would cause removal or special tools to get whatever is inside, out. Other times it is an issue with the toilet parts causing it not to flush correctly which may lead to frequent clogs.

A common issue is inadequate drainage. With older drains like lead, a toilet can back up and not flush well extended periods of time. Or you notice the water draining out of it slower than usual. When there's a backup that you know isn’t a clog, it's important to hire us for our plumbing services to address the issue.

Sustained backups also may cause additional problems. If a backup remains unchecked, it can hasten the demise or break through the wax seal on the floor gasket, then requiring additional plumbing repairs. Or the wax seal could be the cause of the backup from faulty installations.

Regardless of the reason, if your toilet has backed up and won’t drain back down, contact us at JNR Plumbing for plumbing and other services. Call us or fill out the online form to schedule an appointment.

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