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At JNR Plumbing, we are experts in maintenance and water heater repair in Stamford, CT, and the surrounding areas. Our years in the field have allowed us to understand the value of tankless heaters. Though we encounter some clients who are skeptical about transitioning from tank-based units, our experience has taught us otherwise. Our experts answer a lot of questions on misconceptions about tankless heaters, and we will help you get the truth about them.

Tankless Heaters Aren’t Suitable for Large Households

This isn’t true since you can get a tankless water heater of any size to meet your needs. Whether you have a cold or warm inlet, you can get sufficient hot water when you choose the right heater. Our experts can help you select the appropriate one that will not disappoint.

Tankless Units Are Expensive

Very many people usually prefer tank heaters with the assumption that the tankless option is costly. This is far from the truth since the tank heaters are almost the same price as their counterparts. Therefore, when you plan to do your water heater replacement, you should opt for the latter since the purchase and installation will be pocket-friendly.

Hard Water is Problematic for Tankless Units

Our experts at JNR Plumbing encounter many people concerned about how hard water affects their units. The truth is that tank heaters usually get more damage from scaling than tankless alternatives. However, our water heater services provide solutions to clear any accumulated lime from your system and allow your tankless heater to function optimally.

Tankless Heaters Respond Slowly

Most functional tankless units immediately respond after you switch on the power, and you will get hot water within a few moments. However, the time will depend on how cold the inlet supply is, compared to the temperature needed.

At JNR Plumbing, we provide excellent water heater installation and maintenance solutions to ensure you enjoy an endless hot water supply. To learn more about tankless water heaters, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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