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When you own a home, one of the most common disasters that can occur is a sewage backup, which is often unexpected. This is always a messy problem and can make the property inhabitable. As a homeowner, it’s important to know how clogs can lead to a sewer backup and why it’s necessary to rely on a drain cleaning company like JNR Plumbing.

Lack of Proper Drainage

If you fail to hire a company for drain cleaning in Greenwich, CT, it can cause a lot of clogs to form in different areas of your plumbing system. This can prevent the water from draining, which can cause it to back up and start to come out of the drains. In extreme cases, it can lead to extensive water damage.

Drain cleaning services should be performed once each year to remove any blockages and reduce the risk of a sewer backup in the future.

Lack of Maintenance

Many people fail to perform proper maintenance on their plumbing system because the pipes are out of sight, which can cause clogs to become more severe over time. They can attempt to use chemicals and products that don’t work well for loosening the clog and removing the obstruction. This can lead to sewage backup but is easy to avoid with regular drain snaking and hydro jetting.

Improper Use of Toilets and Sinks

Once there’s a clogged drain on your property, it can prevent sinks from operating properly. Over time, raw sewage can start to move backward in the drainpipes and directly into different plumbing fixtures throughout the home.

When you need a reputable plumber in Greenwich, CT, don’t hesitate to reach out to JNR Plumbing. Our professionals can help maintain and repair your plumbing system to avoid costly issues. Contact us today for more information.

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