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Nowadays, homeowners try their best to find shortcuts and easy ways to deal with modern plumbing issues. Although it is understandable to want to get a quick and affordable fix for something, there are many reasons why the DIY route can easily damage plumbing and lead to expensive issues later on. It’s always best to just go with a certified and professional plumber in Stamford, CT. Here are a few ways DIY repairs can damage your plumbing, according to experts at JNR Plumbing:

1.  Store-Bought Drain Cleaners Could Damage Pipes and Drains

Although these commercial products claim their purpose is to relieve drains of clogs and clutter, some of those products can actually make the issue worse and cause more damage. Along with that, drain snaking with home items like hangers and metal wires can cause damage to your pipes and drains as well. If you’re still set on trying to solve the issue on your own, at least consult a professional plumbing company before you make any moves.

2.  Improper Use of Tools or a Lack of Proper Tools Can Be Dangerous

This goes for any home improvement or repair project. If you’re attempting to DIY a professional project, whether that be a plumbing fix or installing a TV wall mount, you might not get very far because of the fact that you lack the proper tools. Also, the wrong use of tools can also damage your plumbing and make the issue worse. Schedule professional plumbing services to make sure that your plumbing is repaired properly and efficiently.

3.  DIY Jobs Don’t Get to the Root of the Problem

Sometimes, a clogged drain can be much more of an issue than you think. To the inexperienced, it may just seem like all it takes is a plunger to the kitchen or toilet drain, and the clog is fixed. To a professional, chronic clogs can be a sign of issues in the sewer system. Professional plumbing repairs can involve finding out the root of your plumbing problems so that they don’t happen again. Without that, you’ll waste money and time trying to fix an issue that seems small but is actually way bigger than it seems.

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