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In most households, the water heater and air conditioning unit use up the most energy, because they are relied on more than anything else. Since your water heater makes up the bulk of your energy bill, it can be pretty frustrating if you feel it’s not as efficient as it could be. Here are several ways you can keep your water heater efficient, according to JNR Plumbing, the experts at water heater repair in Darien, CT

1.  Get It Serviced on Time

As with any home appliance, it’s important to pay attention to signs of malfunction and get professional service scheduled right away. Once you notice that your water heater isn’t performing as it should, call a professional for water heater replacement or repair right away.

2.  Insulate Properly

Heat can easily escape your pipes and water tank. This prevents your water heater from being able to heat in the best way it can. This then forces the water heater to work twice as hard to heat your water, meaning it consumes more power and will quickly overwork itself. During your water heater installation, talk to a professional about insulating your pipes and tank.

3.  Lower the Temperature

Most water heaters have thermostats inside of them, which lets the unit know how much heat it needs to produce to heat the water in the tank. The hotter your unit is, the more power it will use over time. If your tankless water heater gets hot pretty quickly or reaches dangerous heat levels, talk to a professional about lowering the thermostat.

4.  Preventative Maintenance

Water heater maintenance can be pretty simple or pretty complex, depending on your system and the state of your unit. Being attentive and prompt with maintenance can easily add years to your water heater’s life, meaning you save money and time in the end.

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