How to Prevent Corrosion in Your Hydronic Heating System

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Corrosion in a hydronic heating system is quite costly and time-consuming to repair. It can also be a safety hazard if it causes the system to leak and malfunction. Fortunately, JNR Plumbing, the go-to company for water heater repair in Greenwich, CT, knows several measures which can be taken to prevent corrosion in your hydronic heating system which we’ll explain below.

Keep Your System Clean Inside and Out

This means regularly checking for dirt, dust, and other debris in the pipes, radiators, and valves, as well as ensuring that any ancillary components of the system, such as vent pipes, are kept clean. Also, draining and flushing the system on at least a yearly basis will help to prevent sediment and other accumulated materials from clogging the system. For such services and even water heater installation, maintenance, and repair services, you can count on JNR Plumbing.

Use an Oxidising Biocide Like Permanganate or Sodium Hypochlorite

These chemicals are added to the water in the system and help to reduce the presence of microorganisms that can contribute to corrosion in the heating system. Make sure to reach out to a professional for heating system and water heater services at the first sign of corrosion.

Keep the System’s Water pH Levels Between 7 and 8.5

pH levels outside this range can cause corrosion, so regular testing and adjustment of pH levels are essential. To do this, regularly add an inhibitor to the water which prevents corrosion when the pH levels are outside the acceptable range. Keeping the pH between these levels can also aid in the water heater replacement process hence making everything easier and affordable.

Corrosion in a hydronic heating system can be a time-consuming issue to resolve. Regular maintenance and testing can help to ensure the system does not corrode, meaning it will remain safe and efficient for years to come. Whether you need maintenance for your hydronic heating system or your tankless water heater, JNR Plumbing is the company to turn to. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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