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Every aspect of your plumbing has an expiration date. Whether the date is five months from now or five years from now, certain parts of your plumbing are going to need an update after a while. You can count on a professional plumber in Norwalk, CT like the experts at JNR Plumbing to keep your home in the best shape. However, you should be able to tell when you need the help of an expert. Here are a few signs it’s time to replace your pipes:

1.  Cracks in the Pipes

You can always tell your pipes are cracked if they are leaking water or other material. Even if the pipes are located in a spot that’s pretty hard to see, you should be able to tell whether or not there is a leak. Hidden pipes that leak can eventually lead to water damage and mold, so it’s best to be attentive and call a plumbing company right away when you notice this.

2.  Corrosion

If you’re constantly having to deal with clogging in the pipes, you may have an issue with corrosion. Corrosion is more common in certain pipes such as galvanized steel pipes. Once this takes place, you’re going to need a replacement very soon in order to get everything working normally again. Schedule an appointment for plumbing repairs if this resonates with you.

3.  Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure usually causes discolored water and inconsistencies in the water stream from the showerhead and other faucets in the home. Low water pressure can be common in some neighborhoods, but a chronic issue can point to a need for emergency plumbing or pipe replacement.

Once you take the initiative and hunt out the signs of faulty plumbing in your home, you have a better chance of stopping the issue from becoming too chaotic. If you need professional plumbing services, contact the experts at JNR Plumbing today. Be sure to schedule an appointment with our team.

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