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When your home depends on modern technology to operate properly, you need a team of professionals who know how to repair, maintain or install those special elements. Navien water heaters are a modern upgrade to tankless water heater systems. The units are designed with intelligence that supports larger homes, something not possible with an average tankless system.

How Navien Water Heaters Work

When a hot water tap is opened, the tankless water heater detects the flow. A sensor detects the amount of hot water needed and the igniter activates. The unit provides the correct amount of gas and fuel to heat the water. The unit determines the desired temperature and the flame adjusts to heat as needed. The advanced technology of the Navien water heater makes specialty repair and maintenance a necessity.

Maintaining Your Navien Water Heater

JNR Plumbing specializes in Navien water heater repair and maintenance. Our technicians have been specifically trained by Navien to inspect and repair the modern tankless units. Whether your home has been equipped with a Navien water heater for years, or you’ve just moved into a new construction home and want to schedule yearly maintenance, JNR Plumbing is the team to call for the most reliable Navien water heater repair.

While Navien water heaters are built with quality and designed to last for nearly 20 years, annual maintenance is needed. A simple inspection once a year will help you avoid scale buildup and the professional technicians with JNR Plumbing can detect small issues before they turn into major emergency repairs.

When you invest in an energy-saving water heater like the Navien tankless system, you want to take the proper steps to maintain the unit to prolong its working lifespan. The highly-skilled technicians at JNR Plumbing have been professionally trained to repair and maintain the Navien systems. If your Stamford, CT Navien water heater needs to be serviced, call the team that understands the complexities of this system.

Choose Navien for Your Stamford Water Heater Unit

It’s possible to make your home more energy efficient, while also not having to worry about finding a company that can help when needed. Our technicians are experienced and will fully explain any challenges with your Navien water heater. Call our courteous staff today to schedule your annual maintenance or see how a new water heater installation could benefit your home.

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