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Over time, clogs would form in your drains due to the buildup of food particles, dirt, debris, and other items. One thing that can help keep them in great shape is to get regular drain cleaning in Stamford, CT from a professional like JNR Plumbing. Without routine maintenance, your drains will be prone to a variety of issues that are often evident from the strange sounds coming from your drains.

Gurgling Sounds

A gurgling sound is probably the most common for a clogged drain. When you hear this sound in a sink, shower, or bathtub, it means there is a blockage in the drain. However, if you hear gurgling coming from several plumbing fixtures in your home, it signifies an even bigger problem such as a broken pipe.

Usually, the problem that causes gurgling sounds is due to something trapped in the P-trap in your kitchen or bathroom sink. The P-trap is the bent part of the pipe underneath the sink. It could be due to too much hair or soap scum buildup or even a small object accidentally going down the drain and getting trapped. If the culprit is a single drain, you can often have the clog cleared through professional drain snaking.

Continuously Running Water

The sound of continuously running water usually comes from a toilet. There are various reasons for this issue. It could be the flapper in the toilet tank has worn out and needs to be replaced or it might be that the water level in the tank is too high. Avoid the guesswork and schedule drain cleaning services with your local plumbing company.

Dripping Water

Dripping sounds from your drain often mean there’s a problem with a leaky fixture or pipe. Often, you will have small puddles in the area of the plumbing fixture that’s affected. Schedule an inspection with a reputable plumber in Stamford, CT to determine the exact location and extent of the leak.

JNR Plumbing is a drain cleaning company that can expertly tackle all of these issues and more. Need quality plumbing solutions? Contact us today.

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