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Cos Cob's proximity to public transportation and other modern amenities combined with its walkability and family-friendly atmosphere make it a popular escape for people desiring a quiet existence outside the New York City metro area. The community first appeared on coastal maps in the mid-seventeenth century and has experienced a recent population surge that has greatly impacted everything from home costs to the sewer infrastructure. JNR Plumbing is the name to know when you need a plumber in Cos Cob, CT to deal with backed-up drains and other sewer line problems.

Signs of a Clogged Drain

The most apparent sign of a clogged drain is the back-up of sewage into a home or business, but this extreme situation generally only occurs when the pipeline is completely blocked. Other, less obvious signs to watch out for include gurgling or bubbling drains, foul-smelling piping and unexplained damp spots on lawns and exterior areas.

Main Causes of Clogs

Our drain cleaning company is often called out to remove clogs caused by fat and grease build-up and excessive food particles that have accumulated in the line. Overuse of paper products, inappropriate disposal of personal care items and accidental flushing of toys, clothing and other large objects are additional problems that we frequently address. We also deal with tree root invasions and general pipeline damage although repairing these issues sometimes goes far beyond simple drain cleaning.

Why DIY Cleaning is Never Advisable

Attempting to clear a backed-up drain with an off-the-shelf drain cleaner could result in discoloration of plumbing fixtures and release of noxious vapors or chemical burns. These products are only minimally effective against small, localized clogs and are not suitable for use with seriously impacted pipes. Inserting a homemade drain snake could also damage pipes and pipeline connections. For all these reasons, drain cleaning services should be left up to our skilled, licensed, insured and bonded professionals.

Our Drain Cleaning Methods

Drain snaking is the primary drain cleaning technique that we employ. We utilize high-quality, professional-level equipment to break up even tough drain clogs and wash away the resulting residue to reopen the line without causing damage. Our personnel are fully trained to perform this service, and we handle the work with minimal hassle and stress for the homeowner. We also completely clean up after ourselves when the job is through.

Reasons to Choose JNR Plumbing for Drain Cleanings

Our company has been providing drain cleaning in Cos Cob, CT, and nearby areas since 2009 and is one of the few businesses in the area that handles professional drain cleaning and related tasks. We serve homeowners and businesses of all sizes, and our employees are drug-tested and thoroughly screened as a condition of employment. We consistently receive high ratings for our quality workmanship and strict attention to detail. We also offer a 10% senior citizen discount in addition to our prompt scheduling and punctual, reliable service.

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