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Let JNR Plumbing Tackle Your Toughest Plumbing Leaks in Cos Cob, CT

When you need a reliable plumber in Cos Cob, CT to provide leak detection and repair, JNR Plumbing is the only name that should come to mind. Our established plumbing business has been a fixture of this community since 2009, and we're one of the few companies to serve this area. Our work always receives excellent reviews from past clients, and we offer senior citizen discounts as part of our commitment to the community.

How Leaks Can Adversely Affect Properties

A small leak in a water supply or drain line might seem harmless, but it can lead to significant problems over time. A consistent source of water will attract rodents and insects and supply the moisture needed for mold and other fungi to flourish. Constant exposure to water can also diminish the strength of wood, cause concrete to break down and promote rust and corrosion.

Ways to Determine if You Need a Leak Detection Service

While it's impossible to see the actual locations of some leaks due to their inaccessibility behind walls, ceilings and flooring, the signs of a persistent water leak are usually difficult to miss. If you notice sheetrock or plaster that's damp, cracked or crumbling, our water leak services may be in order. Water damage may also lead to ugly stains on ceilings, cause flooring to buckle and encourage mold growth. Exterior leaks often show up as wet spots in grassy or paved areas that don't dry out between rain events.

Our Local Leak Detection Services

Leaks can occur in properties of all ages but homes with older plumbing are more prone to pipeline leaks due to pipe cracks and deterioration of connection points. Some types of plumbing are also more likely to develop leaks over time. Our crew employs techniques that have been demonstrated to be effective in identifying the presence and location of pipeline leaks. As a first step, we perform thorough visual inspections of areas that are easy to access. We also conduct detailed camera inspections to reach pipes that are buried underground or that are otherwise out of reach.

Why Choose a Professional to Address Leak Problems?

Because water damage creates such significant residential and commercial property issues, it's important to hire an expert if you suspect that there's a leaking pipe on your property. Our personnel have been fully trained to detect leaks and make repairs on all types of plumbing, and we'll provide quality work that stands the test of time. JNR Plumbing is also licensed, bonded and insured, so you can turn to us with confidence.

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