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Trusted Water Heater Repair in Cos Cob, CT

Water heaters are critical for households and businesses alike, and we here at JNR Plumbing are standing by to keep the water heaters in Cos Cob and surrounding areas in good working order. Our range of services includes providing initial water heater unit installation, water heater replacement, and everything in between. It's been our pleasure to serve this region since 2009, and our excellent reviews demonstrate that our past and current clients appreciate the five-star customer care that we provide.

Issues that Commonly Affect Water Heaters

Some of the most common issues that require prompt water heater services are damaged heating elements, malfunctioning control systems and leaking tanks and water lines. Other problems that can affect water heaters include mineral build-up, sediment accumulation, bacterial contamination and improper water pressure.

Types of Water Heaters We Address

Regardless of the type, age or brand of water heater at your property, you can rely on us to service and maintain it. Most water heaters only last 10 to 15 years, but if yours is older, we'll do all that we can to maintain it and extend its useful life as long as possible. We're also equally skilled when it comes to working on traditional tank-style units and modern tankless water heater systems that supply hot water on demand near the point of use.

How Improper Installation Can Lead to Premature Repairs and Replacement

Careful attention during water heater installation is critical for the long-term effectiveness and efficiency of the unit. The water lines going into and out of the tank must be sized correctly, and gas-fueled water heaters must be properly connected to the gas plumbing lines and vented for safety. Most water heaters also incorporate shut-off valves and other devices that help to ensure the tank operates as expected, but an inexperienced installer may place these controls in the wrong location or fail to include them at all. Any of these issues could lead to the need for untimely repairs or complete replacement of the water heater unit.

Why Entrust Your Water Heater to JNR Plumbing?

JNR Plumbing is one of the few companies in this area with experienced personnel who are capable of handling water heater repair in Cos Cob, CT. We bring a wealth of hands-on knowledge to every project, and we take pride in supplying high-quality customer service, honest communication, and old-fashioned attention to detail. Our personnel are screened and drug-tested before being sent out to our clients' homes, and we're licensed, bonded, and insured for added peace of mind.

Let Us Address Your Water Heater Needs

Make sure a plumber in Cos Cob, CT, from JNR Plumbing is your choice for any service related to your household or commercial water heater. We'll be happy to answer your questions by phone and book your service call for the day and time that you request.

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