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Once the toilet backs up, you can expect the whole house is in disarray. It isn't time to panic. It's time to find a solution. More importantly, it's time to find the right solution. Those who live around the local area have a few options when it comes to picking out a plumbing service provider. At JNR Plumbing, we take pride in being the company chosen by the multitudes who reside here. We take care of a wide array of problems, so you don't have to. Work with a plumber in Darien, CT, that knows what he's doing.

We Take on Many Different Types of Plumbing Repairs

Our long list of services allows our customers to have a specific company to rely on for all their plumbing needs. Most do not meet the level of variety that we have striven to provide. Plumbing in Darien, CT includes a long list of services that need to be completed to keep the home functioning properly.

Let Our Team Handle That Clogged Toilet

Some believe handling something like a clogged toilet is easy. That's why they choose to skip over hiring a plumber and work on the system themselves. While it's true that clogging can be fixed quickly, it isn't wise to do it yourself for several reasons.

The pipes in a home are rather delicate. Homes in and around the Stamford CT area have a plumbing system that's delicate enough to require professional care. Anything that's stuck in a toilet can cause damage later on. Our professional team of plumbers knows how to address a backed-up toilet without causing corrosion, gouging, or breakage. Choosing a plumbing company that can fix the issue without making it worse is key to finding proper plumbing repairs.

We Can Handle An Emergency Plumbing in Darien, CT

A lot of plumbing issues can't wait until the morning. A broken pipe can cause a lot of flooding. With that flooding comes damage to the property. Small children and pets are at risk of drowning. Hiring trained and licensed plumber that can come right away will help you keep the value and safety of your home in-tact.

Choose a Plumber in Darien, CT from JNR Plumbing

We provide plumbing services in Darien, CT from licensed and trained professionals that can handle repairs whether they are emergency plumbing issues or day-to-day. Our plumbers are drug tested, insured, and provide high-quality service. There are a few companies to choose from when it comes to finding a plumber in Darien, CT. We promise to be the best plumbing company you can always rely on for these services:

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Taking on a wide array of plumbing repairs requires service providers that are well-versed in all of them. Our plumbers have taken on a multitude of different repairs, and we have been in business since 2009. With a little over 10 years of experience, your plumbing issue is nothing to worry about. You should call us today if you need a quick and effective plumbing repair or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment. We also can send a plumber in these areas:


Our team of expert technicians provide the best plumbing, water heater, and natural gas services in Connecticut. We pride ourselves on offering a variety of services that best meet the unique needs of your property.

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