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You don't need to keep using the same heating system that your home had when you bought it, especially if it’s no longer efficient. Hydronic heating in Greenwich, CT, is an excellent alternative that can keep your heating bills under control while maintaIning a comfortable home during the long winter months. Check out some of the top things to know about these systems before you call us.

You probably heard a lot of talk about hydronic heating and wondered if it was a good option for your home. We find that most of our customers who call about this type of system love the benefits that it provides. You do not need to run your furnace 24/7 or watch in horror as your heating bills keep going up. A hydronic heating system consists of a liquid that moves through different tubes, which we place under your house. The liquid reaches a high temperature and produces heat that moves from your floors to other areas of your home. These systems can keep up with the temperature outside on even the coldest of days.

How This Heating System Benefits You

Looking at the benefits of hydronic heating can give you an idea of what to expect when we install one. The systems are often cleaner than other forms of heating. Other systems also push warm air around so quickly that they can sometimes carry allergens and debris with them. Hydronic heating cuts down on those issues and also runs so quietly that you might not even hear it. Hydronic heating systems also last for as long as two or even three decades with proper maintenance.

Common Problems You Need to Know

Though hydronic heating systems usually have fewer problems than other heating systems, there are still some that can pop such as air in the lines. You can usually tell if you have air in one of your tubes when you touch the radiator. If it feels hot, you know that it doesn't get the heat that it needs due to an air bubble. Leaks are another common issue, mainly because it's hard to find or identify them on your own. We usually see more leaks in homes that are older and have corroded pipes. Your new system may also suffer from sludge buildup. Routine maintenance helps you avoid this problem because it ensures the water in the system has the right pH balance.

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