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Thorough Drain Cleaning in New Canaan, CT

Drain cleaning is a service that New Canaan residents should get for their homes regularly. Keeping drains clean ensures the wastewater will continue to exit your home without disruptions at the most inopportune times. When it comes to drain cleaning in New Canaan, CT, JNR Plumbing is without peer. Ask us about the methods we can use for any issue your drains may be facing.

Signs of a Clog Issue

Spotting the signs of a clogged drain will allow you to solve the problem before it causes a complete blockage. Let's look at the signs that a clog is forming so you can contact us in time to prevent complete disruption of your plumbing. Slow-moving drains are an early sign that something is blocking the flow of wastewater through your drains. You may also notice leaking faucets or low water pressure when clogs are forming. Gurgling drains and foul odors are two other common signs that debris is building up.

Main Causes of Clogs

The purpose of drains is to carry liquid waste out of your home. However, this waste often contains items that can cling to drain interiors and pipes, causing further debris to latch on. This causes a wall of filth to form, blocking the free flow of wastewater through the drain. Loose hair is one of the biggest suspects in clogged drains. All humans shed hair and it tends to build up in shower drains as well as sinks. Soap scum acts as mortar to which other items cling to and solidify. Dirt, mineral buildup, and small objects that make their way into your drain can combine to form a barrier. Toilet paper and food waste are two other common perpetrators in clogged drains while tree roots can enter the equation when there are cracks in underground pipes. Plant roots are attracted to water and the smallest crack can cause roots to grow into your plumbing. Whenever you spot an issue with your drains, consult a plumber in New Canaan, CT, from our team.

Why DIY Drain Cleaning Is Never Advisable

The cleaning products you can buy at the store often provide a partial solution. They can eat through just enough of the clog to restore some flow but can leave enough debris behind for a new blockage to form. Furthermore, attempting to clean your drains by inserting objects into them can result in damage that will require costly repairs. Leave the drain cleaning services to the trained professionals at JNR Plumbing, instead.

Top-Notch Drain Cleaning Methods in New Canaan

We may use drain snaking and hydro jetting to clean your drains and pipes. The former is great for partial clogs while hydro jetting uses pressurized water to clear away even the toughest blockages inside pipes.

Our stellar reputation as a drain cleaning company speaks to the quality of the work we perform for our customers. We clean your drains thoroughly so you can maintain a functional plumbing system that won't let you down at the most unexpected moment. Our know-how and cutting-edge equipment allow us to conduct quick drain cleaning that won't take up your day. We also understand New Canaan, as we have served the area for many years. The suburban feel that homeowners have come to love is proof of the importance of professional plumbing services.

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At JNR Plumbing, we love what we do and we strive to provide the best quality drain cleaning solutions to our community. We respond to your drain emergencies as well as to scheduled cleaning that will keep your plumbing working flawlessly year-round.

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