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Precise Leak Detection in New Canaan, CT

Leaks are nothing to take lightly. The resulting damage from a leak can severely affect your property and its value. That's why property owners in New Canaan will always need reliable leak detection services available to them to better shield their homes and businesses from water damage. It is precisely this reason that JNR Plumbing offers solutions to even the most stubborn leak problems.

How Leaks Can Adversely Affect Your Property

Whether you own unoccupied buildings or you have a thriving business, leaks can be a dangerous enemy to your property value. Real estate experts agree that water damage is one of the costliest reasons that property loses value outside of phenomena like fires and extreme storms.

Leak issues can cause damage to your building's structure and can lead to mold that can compromise the integrity of your home or building. When these affect underground pipes, leaks can cause infestations of insects and rodents while tree roots can grow into your plumbing. Roots can prove particularly damaging if left unchecked and given enough time, they can cause costly damages that may require repiping rather than more affordable repair.

Ways to Determine if You Need Water Leak Services

Keeping an eye out for bubbling drains and low water pressure can point you to the possible existence of a leak. Water stains and deterioration in the building's structure are signs that a leak is starting to affect the integrity of the building. Look for dripping appliances and inflated water bills as well as peeling and blistering paint. If you find any of these present in your home or business, give us a call and ask about our water leak services.

Dealing With Leaks in New Canaan

Dealing with the local area’s winter and keeping ice and melting snow from affecting your property is enough of a challenge. A leak in your plumbing can cause your building's structure to suffer internally. With some New Canaan homes being over a century old, plumbing leaks aren't all that uncommon.

At JNR Plumbing, we conduct a thorough inspection of your pipes to pinpoint leaks and take the necessary corrective action. Our leak detection specialists allow us to gain an in-depth look at your plumbing so that no corner is left unchecked. If there is a leak in your pipes, our technicians will find it and repair it.

Property owners looking for a proactive solution from a trusted plumber in New Canaan, CT, will be happy to know that JNR offers Moen Flo Leak Defense Valves. This is a system that safeguards your property's value by detecting leaks before they can cause damage. Moen Flo valves monitor all potential sources of leaks so you don't have to stress over every corner of your property. Apart from water leaks, our technicians are qualified to help you with gas leaks. Our knowledgeable staff can conduct smoke and odor tests to find and repair gas leaks that are potentially dangerous to your health.

Why Choose a Professional to Address Leak Problems

Leak detection in New Canaan, CT, relies on modern equipment to quickly and easily locate leaks. By trusting a reliable technician with conducting an inspection, you're guaranteeing that the entire extent of the problem will be mapped out and fixed.

Suspect You Have a Leak?

Property owners have a lot to stress over without having a water leak eating away at their building. Call JNR Plumbing or fill out the form to schedule a leak detection service right away.


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