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Home of Your Trusted Plumber in Norwalk, CT

If you're seeking the services of a skilled plumber in Norwalk, CT, be sure to contact JNR Plumbing. We have been serving the local area since 2009. We are one of the few companies with over a decade of experience serving this area as well. Our customer reviews are all excellent and we take pride in providing customers 5-star service!

Our employees are bright, personable, and welcoming. We offer the seniors in our community a 5% discount off of all services. We are proud to provide extremely high-quality services to customers in Norwalk, CT, as well as in:

Efficient Plumbing Company in Norwalk, CT

We are proud to offer customers both emergency plumbing services and plumbing repair in Norwalk, CT. Our employees are thoroughly trained and fully certified. We are able to work on any fixtures or appliances in your home. Our plumbing services include working on sink drains, showers, garbage disposals, and toilets. We will figure out what needs to be done and then we will take care of it.

Drain Cleaning in Norwalk, CT

We offer drain cleaning in Norwalk, CT, as this is essential for every home or business. Drains are what transport water through your home or business to the sewer system.

JNR Plumbing is a drain cleaning company that assists people with fixing clogged drains and drain snaking. We're pleased to provide you with the very best drain cleaning services. Our professionals have decades of combined experience fixing drains. We love providing cost-effective services to individuals and businesses in Norwalk.

Water Heater Repair in Norwalk, CT

We provide water heater installation, tankless water heater services, and water heater replacement services to customers in Norwalk. JNR Plumbing provides water heater repair in Norwalk, CT that you can depend on for years to come.

Our plumbing professionals will analyze the functionality, condition, and age of your existing water heater to figure out if you need just a few repairs or if you'll need to replace your existing water heater completely. We will want to figure out if your water heater could fail soon. To do this, we will investigate whether it has any leaks, scale buildup, fracture, sediment deposits, corrosion, or rust.

The winters in Connecticut can be brutal. You do not want to have to take a cold bath or shower during our cold winters. If you decide to have the proper water heater installed in your home or business, you'll be sure to have the proper amount of hot water allocated for all of your daily routines during the winter.

We also make it a priority to keep you safe. Water heaters that are not properly installed can expose someone to deadly carbon monoxide, cause explosions due to gas leaks, or even be the cause of fires in your home. We will make sure things are set up properly.

Work With A Plumber in Norwalk, CT

Our plumbing professionals are bonded, licensed, insured, drug-tested, and adequately trained. They also go through intense criminal and background screenings. What sets us apart from the competition is our desire to communicate thoroughly with customers. We send all of our customers a photo of the plumbing pro that will be servicing their home or business before they get to the appointment. This is so you know who to expect for your water heater repair in Norwalk, CT, or any other service.

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We communicate with our customers during every step of the service we are performing for you. We will figure out what the problem is, perform the service effectively, and use cutting-edge technology. This will enable us to provide you with very high-quality results. Contact us today by calling us or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment.


Our team of expert technicians provide the best plumbing, water heater, and natural gas services in Connecticut. We pride ourselves on offering a variety of services that best meet the unique needs of your property.

We've seen all kinds of specialty plumbing fixtures. And, we've installed them too!

Who better than a trained technician to clear your slow drains and to perform your sewer and drain cleaning.

If you do not think of plumbers when you think of combustible fuels, let us change that.

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