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Top-Notch Hydronic Heating in Norwalk, CT

All it takes is one winter in Norwalk for you to realize just how cold it can get outside. When temperatures drop to freezing and below, your home may not feel as warm and toasty as you would like because you have an old or outdated heating system. Why rely on an old furnace that isn't efficient or one that creates cold spots? At JNR Plumbing, we can get a new hydronic heating system installed in your home as soon as possible.

Understanding How a Hydronic Heating System Works

Many of the older homes in the area use traditional heating systems that are not as efficient as you might like. Using an old furnace can cause your energy bills to increase significantly in order to keep your home comfortable. You don't need to deal with high electricity bills or look for other ways to stay warm because a hydronic heating system is a good alternative. This system works with both liquid and tubes. Once we install the tubes under your home, the liquid rushes through them and comes up to temperature. The heat produced then moves around your home to keep you warm.

Benefiting from Hydronic Heating

Are you tired of coming across cold spots in your home during winter? Those cold spots are the result of an inefficient heating system. Hydronic heating systems do a much better job of keeping every inch of your home warm and cozy. Another benefit of hydronic heating is how long they last. With proper care and professional maintenance, you get a new heating system that can last for as long as 25 years. Some of our customers cut their heating bills by 25% or more, too.

Common Issues

While we recommend hydronic heating for many of our customers, we also want to educate homeowners on the common problems they may encounter. For one, the system must have the proper pH water balance or else sludge will form. This sludge can move through the line and cause serious clogs that break down the system. The low water level in the boiler is another problem you might encounter. Unless the boiler is at least half full, it won't have the water pressure needed to keep your home warm. There is also a risk that the system would cause your thermostat to fail.

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Some of the reasons why Norwalk, CT residents call us are our high-quality 5-star services and 10% discount for senior citizens. You will also find that we train and drug test our team and that we are insured, bonded, and licensed. Many of the customers who call us today found us back when we opened in 2009. They know that we work hard for them and that we can handle any services they have in mind. Call today to learn more about the benefits of adding a hydronic heating system to your home.


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