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The Top Name for Leak Detection in Riverside, CT

JNR Plumbing has been a leading provider of leak detection in Riverside, CT and surrounding areas since 2009. We assist residential and commercial customers alike and go the extra mile to treat every client to a speedy response, quality workmanship, and five-star service. Our past and current clients are already familiar with our team's strict attention to detail and strong, professional work ethic. As one of the few full-service plumbing companies operating in this area, part of our ironclad commitment to customer care includes educating local property owners on the various plumbing tasks that we're equipped to handle.

How Leaks Can Adversely Affect Properties

Wood, concrete, drywall, carpeting, fabric, and other household materials easily become discolored and damaged by constant contact with water and sewage that escapes from leaky plumbing pipes. The presence of standing water and water-soaked furnishings also promotes the mold growth and invites unwanted pests to visit and stay. Damaged plumbing may even reduce a property's overall value and is a definite turn-off to prospective buyers when a home or commercial building is placed up for sale.

Ways to Determine if You Need Leak Detection Services

Plumbing leaks may occur near fixtures, inside walls, deep under the ground surface, or at any point along a water or wastewater pipeline. If you notice standing water in an unexpected location or water marks start appearing on your walls or ceilings, a hidden water leak may be the culprit. Some leaks also cause dripping or sloshing noises behind walls or under plumbing fixtures. Stale or moldy-smelling air, unexplained mold growth, flaking concrete, and crumbling drywall are other possible plumbing leak symptoms that should never be overlooked.

The Importance of Our Leak Detection Services

Riverside is home to many high-end properties, and our water leak services are designed to protect these and other local structures from accidental damage caused by plumbing leaks. We employ the latest acoustic and pressure testing technologies to track down leaks even in obscure locations, and our extensive professional training combined with our years of on-the-job experience enables us to provide the accurate results that our customers are depending on. Our expertise also comes highly recommended by local property owners who've already had the opportunity to benefit from our professional services.

Why Choose a Professional to Address Leak Problems?

Even a small quantity of water dripping from a minor leak can lead to widespread property damage over time. This fact makes it especially important that you contact our leak detection experts if you suspect that there's any unresolved plumbing leak at your home or business.

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The team at JNR Plumbing is ready to address your most challenging plumbing leak problems, so don't hesitate to turn to us if you need the help of a skilled plumber in Riverside, CT. When you do, you can expect our screened, background-checked personnel to provide timely service to diagnose and take care of the problem right away. Feel free to inquire about our senior discounts and the wide range of additional plumbing services that we offer as well when you call.


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