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Your Dedicated Pipe Repair Team in Riverside, CT

Pipe repair and replacement are tasks that are always best left up to knowledgeable plumbing experts. The JNR Plumbing crew is experienced in handling a wide array of pipe replacement and repair services, and we're pleased to offer a few facts on the importance of the work that we provide.

The Pipe Issues You Need to Know

Age and corrosion will cause even high-quality piping to weaken and break down over time. Cracks may develop in pipes due to heavy foot traffic and other stresses, and tree roots can enter and clog buried lines. Variable settling patterns between different areas of a property may also result in damage to pipes and pipeline connections. Unexplained moisture around plumbing fixtures, persistent drain back-ups, and damp grass or exterior concrete surfaces could all point to the need for our first-rate pipe repair services.

Let a Professional Handle the Repairs

If you find yourself dealing with a project that involves pipe repair in Riverside, CT, or a nearby area, the team here at JNR Plumbing is standing by to serve you. By calling in our skilled personnel, you can rest assured that you'll receive quality workmanship and professional results. We have access to reliable repair equipment and premium plumbing components, and we'll arrive at your property on time and ready to get right to work.

How We Perform Pipe Repairs

For pipelines with cracks and other minor damage, we can usually utilize trenchless repair technology to clean and reline the existing pipe. If we determine that more in-depth repairs are required, we're prepared to remove and replace damaged pipe sections or entire pipelines via traditional excavation methods.

Commonly Used Piping Materials

The materials used for household and commercial water supply pipes in the Riverside area may vary from property to property, but most fall into the metal or plastic category. Metal pipes made from copper, steel and cast iron are commonly found in older homes while most newer homes feature plastic piping made from PVC, PEX or ABS. Many of these same materials are also used for sewer pipelines. In addition, clay and Orangeburg sewer pipes are occasionally encountered in this area.

Why Trust JNR Plumbing

JNR Plumbing has been serving property owners in the Riverside and greater Greenwich area since 2009, and you can turn to us with confidence whenever you need pipe repair or other plumbing services. We only send out employees that have been thoroughly screened and drug-tested, and we keep our business licenses and insurance up-to-date for our customers' peace of mind. Our highly rated services are also available at a discount for local senior citizens.

Have Your Pipes Repaired Today

If you believe that your property's pipes could benefit from our five-star professional repair services, contact us today to schedule an appointment. We'll set up a time to send a plumber in Riverside, CT to your property to evaluate the situation and provide a personalized estimate for any repairs that are needed right away.


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