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Your Local Partner for Hydronic Heating in Stamford, CT

Temperatures in Stamford, CT can easily drop to below freezing in the winter. While you can bundle up and add a few more blankets to your bed, the chances are good that you still won't feel as warm as you would like. Instead of spending a lot of money on heating bills this year, consider upgrading to a hydronic heating system for your home. At JNR Plumbing, we can install one of these systems for you and make sure you know all about their benefits.

What is Hydronic Heating Exactly?

Whether you have an HVAC system or just a furnace, you rely on a forced air process. When the furnace runs, it produces hot air that runs through your ducts and out of your vents. This is not a very efficient way of heating because it causes your bills to rise and may lead to some cold spots. With hydronic heating, you get a system that relies on liquid. It sends the liquid through tubes that raise the temperature to heat your home from the bottom up which results in more evenly distributed heat.

How Can It Benefit You?

One of the top benefits of hydronic heating is that it's very quiet. Many of our customers find that it produces less noise than their standard systems do. Another benefit is that it reduces the humidity level in your home. The heat draws out the moisture you usually see in the winter, which can prevent mold growth. Unlike other heating systems, hydronic heating also heats your home equally, resulting in no cold spots.

What Are the Common Issues You Need to Be Aware of?

Leaks are a common issue with hydronic heating, especially in older homes that have rusty or damaged pipes. There is also a small risk of sludge buildup, which occurs when sludge sticks to the side. You'll need to hire a professional to clean the lines if this happens. Other issues include a slightly increased risk of thermostat failure and low water levels.

Why Work With JNR Plumbing

As one of the only plumbing companies in the area that provides hydronic heating services, we understand the importance of providing quality service. We're proud of the high ratings we received due to years of consistent quality of work. You'll find that we're one of your best options for hydronic heating installation when you need pros who are trained, insured, licensed, and bonded as well as drug-tested. As a bonus, we also offer a 10% discount for all seniors who avail our services. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!


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