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Navien Water Heaters in Stamford, CT, and Surrounding Areas

How do you decide on the best water heater for your home? The professional plumbers in Stamford, CT at JNR Plumbing offer water heater repair and maintenance to residents in Stamford, CT, and the surrounding communities, but our technicians offer a specialty service that sets us apart from other Stamford plumbers. Navien water heaters are recognized as the industry leader in advanced condensing tankless water heaters, condensing boilers and the first combi-boilers strong enough to support whole-house heating and hot water for larger homes. Equipped with specialized training, the JNR Plumbing team now offers maintenance and repair for Navien water heater customers.

While the JNR Plumbing team offers water heater repair Stamford, CT, and installation on nearly every brand and a variety of models, the Navien water heater repairability is a specialized feature offered by our highly-skilled technicians. Whether your home has been equipped with a Navien water heater for years, or you’ve just moved into a new construction home and want to schedule yearly maintenance, JNR Plumbing is the team to call for the most reliable Navien water heater repair.

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How Navien Water Heaters Work

Unlike the traditional Stamford water heaters that host a tank of water and keep in hot, ready for use, Navien water heaters are tankless and can be used in homes of any size. Tankless water heaters are regularly identified as eco-friendly, but common problems like a lack of hot water or needing multiple units in larger homes, have prohibited some from making the transition from traditional units to tankless systems.

Navien water heaters in Stamford, CT have eliminated the fears of running low on hot water or needing multiple units for one home. The difference that makes Navien the tankless system that rises above the rest is how the unit works.

When a hot water tap is opened, the tankless water heater detects the flow. A sensor detects the amount of hot water needed and the igniter activates. The unit provides the correct amount of gas and fuel to heat the water. The unit determines the desired temperature and the flame adjusts to heat as needed. The advanced technology of the Navien water heater makes specialty repair and maintenance a necessity.

The highly-skilled technicians at JNR Plumbing understand and have experience repairing and maintaining the technology behind the tankless system. If your Stamford, CT Navien water heater needs to be serviced, call the team that understands the complexities of this system.

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Navien Water Heater Repair Services in Stamford, CT

The lifespan of your water heater will depend on the type of unit in your home. Most tankless water heaters, like Navien, can last up to 20 years. If you want your unit to last that long, however, routine maintenance and repairs are needed. Has your Navien water heater inspected each year to ensure it is working properly and there is no scale buildup? If your unit needs to be cleaned or repaired, the JNR Plumbing team can handle the job.

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The skilled technicians at JNR Plumbing are dedicated to simplifying the water heater repair process for your family. We take a transparent approach to explain the needed repairs. You can rest easy knowing our technicians will explain the process of how we’ll fix the Navien water heater. JNR Plumbing can repair or inspect your Navien water heater, whether you live in New Canaan, CT, or the surrounding areas. Contact our team today or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment. We also provide the following services:


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