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The Top Services from Your Plumber in Stamford, CT, and Nearby Areas


JNR Plumbing is a top local residential and commercial plumbing company. Our team takes plumbing jobs in multiple cities. Whenever you need reliable services from a skilled plumber in Stamford, CT, or nearby areas, we can provide you our prompt services.

General Plumbing Services in Stamford, CT, and the Surrounding Areas

General plumbing is what we do best. If you have any problem that relates to residential or commercial plumbing, we can resolve it. We provide:

  • Faucet services: As plumbers, we service compression, disc, cartridge, and ball faucets. You can request installation, maintenance, and repairs for these fixtures.

  • Dishwasher services: For dishwashers, we stop leaks, perform maintenance, and tackle installations. These services are available for built-in washers, countertop washers, and other types of dishwashers.

  • Toilet services: In the bathroom, we stop slow toilet leaks and replace toilet parts that make water constantly run into the bowl. We'll also install a toilet in your bathroom.

  • Sump pump: Whether you need us to install a sump pump or provide you with plumbing repairs, rest assured that JNR Plumbing will be up to the task.

Why Rely on a Plumber in Stamford, CT, and Nearby Areas

When you tackle plumbing tasks on your own, you could run into problems if you don't manage the water pressure along the way. There are risks when the water pressure is too high, so you'll have to monitor it carefully throughout a plumbing repair, installation, or maintenance project.

As professional plumbers, we know the signs that mean that the water pressure is increasing. If you begin a job or project without proper knowledge, high water pressure could create pinhole leaks on delicate pipes. When you discover these leaks, your foundation will already have water damage. JNR Plumbing serves the following areas:

Benefits of Using Our Plumbing Services in Stamford, CT, and the Surrounding Areas

Our company's qualities, policies, and procedures helped us establish trust among homeowners and businesses. JNR Plumbing understands that trust matters because it provides peace of mind. Besides trust, you'll benefit from working with us because we have:

  • Great reviews
  • Licensed, bonded, and insured plumbers
  • Proper training
  • Passed drug tests
  • Senior discounts
  • Emergency plumbing services

A plumbing emergency can occur without notice, and this is why we're always prepared. We tackle emergencies that happen during every season, so if your pipe suddenly bursts following a hard freeze, you can reach us for plumbing repairs Stamford, CT.


Contact a Plumber in Stamford, CT, and Nearby Areas

We have been in the plumbing industry since 2009, so we have a lot of experience. Also, we never stop learning; we always study and monitor the latest trends and advancements in our industry in order to better serve our customers.

If you need a plumber in Stamford, CT, for plumbing repairs, maintenance, or installation, call us today, and request our plumbing services Stamford, CT. You may also schedule an appointment by filling out our online form. We are proud to provide a wide range of plumbing services in Stamford, CT, and surrounding areas:


Our team of expert technicians provide the best plumbing, water heater, and natural gas services in Connecticut. We pride ourselves on offering a variety of services that best meet the unique needs of your property.

We've seen all kinds of specialty plumbing fixtures. And, we've installed them too!

Who better than a trained technician to clear your slow drains and to perform your sewer and drain cleaning.

If you do not think of plumbers when you think of combustible fuels, let us change that.

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