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The breaking down of water heaters can present itself in several ways. It’s crucial not to ignore indications that your heating system is failing. You will need a water heater replacement if your water heater starts breaking down. JNR Plumbing advises that most water heaters need replacement after roughly a decade. The following are indications that your heater is failing and would need to be replaced:

Leaking Water Tank

A leaking water tank is a sign that your heater is failing. The leak is likely caused by cracks in the water tank that start small but grow over time. You may start noticing water trickling down from the tank or dripping from the pipes. You may need to ask for help from our trusted company for you to determine if you need a full replacement or water heater repair in Stamford, CT.

Rumbling And Banging Noises

If your water heater is producing strange noises when in use; this is a sign that your unit is failing. Without proper maintenance after water heater installation, sediments and minerals can start to build up inside your tank. The buildup of these components leads to the wearing out of the tank or its components, which can cause rumbling or banging noises.

Running Out Of Hot Water

Sediment and mineral buildup in your heating tank consumes space that you would have for water, reducing the hot water supply. If you notice it early, the tank can be cleaned out and control the damage. However, if the problem is caused by an inefficient or damaged unit, it’s best to have it replaced with a tankless water heater.

Cloudy And Smelly Water

After sediment and mineral buildup inside your tank, you may notice a foul smell and a change in the taste of the water coming from your heater. Also, a change in the color of the water can be noticed, which means that the pipes or the water heater tank are rusty.

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