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The smell of stagnant water or the presence of debris caused by a clogged bathroom drain can make for an unpleasant showering experience. The good news is that JNR Plumbing is here to rescue you anytime with prompt drain cleaning in Stamford, CT. We also discuss the most common causes of clogged drains to help you prevent them from occurring in the future.

Debris from Hair and Soap

Hair and soap scum accumulate in the shower, tub drains, and bathroom sink over time. They eventually clump together inside the drain and build up, restricting water movement and leading to a blockage. If you notice your drains are slower or completely not draining, you would benefit from our professional drain snaking service. This can help prevent clogs caused by build up hair and other debris.

Faulty Drainage Pipes

Drainage pipes can be damaged by a variety of factors, from age to regular wear and tear. Older pipes constructed of brittle materials are especially vulnerable to corrosion. Regular drain cleaning services are necessary to remove the obstruction and restore normal flow in the drains when a clog is detected.

Trapped Objects in the P-Trap

Throwing something down the drain accidentally might cause a clog. If something small, like a toothpaste cap or a piece of jewelry, falls into your sink, it may get stuck in the P-trap, the section under the sink that connects to the drain pipe. In such occurrences, it’s better to seek professional services from a drain cleaning company to remove the blockage.

A clogged drain can be annoying, but can be easily dealt with by a plumbing professional like JNR Plumbing. We have a great reputation across Stamford and the surrounding areas and offer prompt and exceptional service. Contact us today to schedule a drain cleaning appointment with our professional team.

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