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How much do you actually know about your water heater? It’s likely one of the most used appliances in your home, but you rarely think about it or even understand how it works. JNR Plumbing, local experts in water heater repair in Wilton, CT, explains the main parts of your heater to help you care for it better:

Water Tank

A radiator container is made of heavy metal, and its function is to hold boiling water. Most water tanks are made of steel, and the containers are insulated to maintain the water’s temperature for extended periods.

Anode Rods

The water tanks have one or two anode rods that help prevent your water tank from corroding. Magnesium ones are suitable for soft water, and aluminum ones are best suited for hard water. These would need to be replaced over time, to ensure the efficiency of your system and avoid the need for premature water heater replacement..

Water Shut-Off Valve

This valve is independent of the water container and allows you to cut off the cold water passage into the radiator.


A thermostat is used to regulate the water temperature in the tank and to achieve the desired water temperature in a tankless water heater.

The Inlet Pipe, Outlet Pipe, And The Dip Tube

An inlet pipe in a water radiator conveys cold water to the base of the container via a dip tube. This is to prevent the cold water from cooling the boiling water. The outlet pipe is to let boiling water out of the water container.

Temperature Pressure Relief Valve

The valve is placed at the peak of the container, and its function is to let moisture pass when the compression and degrees in the tank are too high. It is a safety measure to prevent your tank from blowing up. If the valve in your system is on the boiling water pipe, you’re probably using an old tank, and you will need a new water heater installation.

Drain Valve

This valve is located at the bottom of your water container, and its primary function is to drain water from your tank during maintenance and repairs. It’s also used to flush sediments out of the tank.

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