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Whether you are taking a quick shower or wanting to keep warm during the cold, a water heater is an essential part of a person’s home. At JNR Plumbing, we understand how important water heaters are, which is why we strive to provide customers with quality water heater repair in Greenwich, CT. Below are some common mistakes homeowners do that are costing them 

Disregarding Loud Sounds

If a water heater has been making loud noises such as banging, popping or hissing sounds, then it may be time to consider water heater replacement. Not only might there be a serious sediment buildup, but monthly energy bills can rise if the problem isn’t taken care of right away. 

Raising the Temperature Too High

A problem people often have is raising the temperature higher than necessary. This mistake can be costly since the water heater will consume more energy in order to heat water. Additionally, inner tank pressure can increase and be dangerous. This can result in leaks that are extremely expensive to repair. If you have a damaged heater due to this habit, consider upgrading to a tankless water heater.

Leaving Issues Untreated

Not maintaining your water heater properly can lead to loss of efficiency. This is because your unit may be suffering from issues like built-up sediment and corrosion without you knowing. As time goes by, the damage spreads to the rest of the heater, which leads to costly and more extensive repairs. You may even have to consider a new water heater installation if the damage is simply too severe.

Not taking care of a water heater on a regular basis can lead to poor performance and unnecessary expenses. Nonetheless, this can be prevented with proper maintenance at an affordable cost. Rely on JNR Plumbing for our full range of water heater services.We offer everything, from installation to repair.

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