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Your drains should not create any noise when used aside from the splashing of water. If you are experiencing these sounds, your drains may have issues and need a professional plumber to fix them. At JNR Plumbing, we specialize in drain cleaning in Stamford CT, and can help you determine the causes of strange drain noise. Here are some of the most common:

Clanging Sound

This sound is produced when water with high pressure is forced to stop. This sudden stop jolts the pipes, causing the production of a clanging sound immediately after the tap is turned off.

High pressure is highly destructive to pipes causing bursting and even disconnections. When you notice this sound, call for professional drain cleaning services right away.

Gurgling Sound

The gurgling sound inside the drain pipes is strong evidence of a clogged drain. A single gurgling sound tells you only one line is clogged, but sounds from different points indicate a clogged main sewer drain line. When these sounds are produced, they should not be ignored.

Whistling Sound

This sound is primarily produced in bathroom drains, shower heads, and kitchen appliances. This high pitch sound indicates the buildup of sediments inside the pipes and will usually be heard when water runs through the pipes. This problem can be solved by cleaning the pipes to remove the sediments. However, if the problem persists beyond cleaning, you will be required to contact a drain cleaning company to resolve the issue.

In conclusion, drain sounds are a common phenomenon in households ranging from whistling, clanging, and gurgling depending on the part of the drain that is affected. If you hear unusual sounds when using your drains, contact JNR Plumbing right away. We offer professional drain cleaning, drain snaking, and hydro jetting services to help homeowners deal with different drain problems.

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