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Making the switch from a traditional tank-based water heater to a tankless model is a smart upgrade that makes sense for most homeowners. If you are considering switching to a tankless unit, JNR Plumbing can help you install the new unit in your home. We offer reliable replacement and water heater repair in Norwalk, CT. We discuss the advantages of choosing a tankless unit below: 

Better For the Environment

Tank-based models run continuously in order to keep the water at the proper temperature. Tankless models only heat as much water as you need, making them better for the environment. Be sure to invest in regular water heater services to keep your unit in optimal working condition.

Saves Money on Bills

A common reason for a water heater replacement is suddenly higher energy bills. If we find that the cause of your unexplainably high energy bills is a poorly working heater, we would recommend upgrading to a tankless unit. Tankless models use less energy, sometimes as much as 50% less than conventional models. The average household can see a savings of a grand or more per year by making the switch.

Saves Space

tankless water heater is smaller than a tank model. They take up about half the space a standard, 60-gallon hot water heater with a tank would. This is great for small spaces and apartment buildings.

More Hot Water Available

You’ll experience a great luxury after your new water heater installation: endless amounts of hot water. Since the water is heated as you use it, you’ll never run out as long as the machine is on. This is superior to tank water heater models where a family could easily run out before the end of the evening.

JNR Plumbing is a plumber in Norwalk, CT offering quality water heater and plumbing services. We’re a trusted company with years of service under our belts. If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of our tankless heaters, contact us today.

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