How Leaks Cause Greater Damage

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At some point, you will experience leaks in your home’s plumbing. When you do, it’s wise to have a plumber in Westport, CT, from JNR Plumbing come to inspect things and make the repairs. You should know how leaks can lead to much bigger problems.

Potential Flooding

A seemingly tiny leak can result in a huge problem like a pipe bursting. If that happens, you may need our plumbing services immediately as it can lead to a flood in your home. Taking fast action on a seemingly small problem can prevent a huge problem and much larger expense down the road.

Potential Damage to Furniture and Foundation

A small leak can lead to water damage to your furniture and carpeting. Often, the only thing you can do is to throw away furniture and carpets that suffer from water damage. The foundation of your home can also suffer damage when too much moisture is present. You can also end up with mold or mildew growth, which can pose serious health risks to your family. Reach out to our top plumbing company right away.

Higher Costs for You

In addition to needing much bigger plumbing jobs done when you ignore a seemingly small leak, you can end up spending a lot more money than you should have to for repairs. If you wait, you’ll need more work done and have to pay much more. It’s simply not worth ignoring a leak as it can result in needing emergency plumbing.

Affects Your Appliances

In addition to causing problems with your plumbing fixtures, a leak can also affect your appliances. If the problem lies with an appliance, you will not be able to use the one that’s affected. This can cause a major shakeup in your home, especially if the issue lies with your washing machine or refrigerator. You won't be able to use the appliance until you get plumbing repairs done.

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