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Natural Gas and Propane Services in Stamford, CT and Nearby Areas


From fireplaces and water heaters to appliances and generators, natural gas and propane can be pretty important components to your Stamford home or business. Our highly qualified and skilled technicians at JNR Plumbing LLC have the right equipment and expertise to handle your residential or commercial combustible fuel needs.

JNR Plumbing LLC proudly offers our safe and efficient natural gas and propane services to the following areas in Connecticut:

Natural Gas and Propane Plumbing Services

Your local plumber may not jump to mind when you think about natural gas and propane, but the qualified and professional plumber in Stamford, CT can successfully complete several gas services for your Connecticut home or office, including:

  • Natural gas and propane gas pipe installations and repairs. The gas lines that feed your home or business must be durable and stable, but if they develop cracks or weaknesses, your residence or business could be at risk for a gas leak. Our friendly professionals can immediately diagnose ruptures or repairs, fix areas that need it, or replace entire gas lines.
  • Generator installations. Finding the best generator for your needs and budget can be challenging, but our knowledgeable technicians can help you select, install, and maintain the right generator to serve your property.
  • Residential and commercial appliance installations. From stoves to water heaters to fireplaces and more, improperly installed gas appliances could leak into your residential or commercial property. Our technicians can correctly hook up your appliances so they work efficiently and safely throughout their useful lives.
  • Gas leak detections and repairs. The age and condition of the gas pipes serving your southwestern Connecticut home or office could make them prone to leakage. Natural gas is odorless, and if left untreated, can lead to dangerous conditions. Our professional technicians are trained to quickly and accurately find and repair leaks to keep you and your property safe.
  • Oil to gas conversions. Converting your heating system from oil to gas can be an economical and efficient improvement to your home or office, and our local team can convert your system from oil to gas smoothly and successfully.

The Dangers of Hooking Up Natural Gas and Propane Without a Professional Plumber

If you’re thinking about hooking up your natural gas or propane by yourself, think again. Gas lines are filled with volatile and potentially explosive materials that must be installed, repaired, and maintained correctly. Damaged gas lines can leak colorless and odorless carbon monoxide into your home or business, which could poison and eventually kill anybody inside. While natural gas and propane can be very beneficial to your property, if not professionally dealt with, they can lead to devastating consequences.


Call JNR Plumbing for All Your Gas Service Needs

If your gas lines aren’t installed or repaired up to regulation, your property and health could be at great risk, but the skilled technicians at JNR Plumbing LLC make your safety a top priority. We will show up promptly to your New Canaan, CT property to provide reliable and efficient plumbing services in Stamford, CT, and surrounding areas that meet all of your natural gas and propane needs in the safest and most professional way possible. So call us today or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment and let our natural gas and propane expertise work for you. JNR Plumbing LLC also provides the following services:


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