Reasons Behind Recurring Clogs

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clogged drain

Blocked pipes and clogged drains can kick off as small problems but later escalate quickly into significant problems. Clogged drain and blocked pipes can cause flooding, corrosion, slow water drainage, costly repairs, and sewage backup in severe cases. Hence, preventing the occurrence of such scenarios begins with knowing the causes of a clogged drain and contacting JNR Plumbing for drain cleaning or maintenance services.


This is the biggest culprit for pipe and drains blockage since it can easily bind with sticky substances such as Greece to create clogs. However, the most advisable way to deal with this blockage is to stop them from happening. This is by creating drain guards and contacting our drain cleaning company for cleaning services.


Manufacturers of traditional soap use fat or grease to manufacture bar soaps. The fat present on the soap mixes with water minerals, forming soap scum that clogs pipes and stains bath fittings. To protect your pipes from blocking, switch to soap-free washes, and contact a plumber in Westport, CT, for cleaning services.

Food Leftovers

Even if your sink has a garbage disposal, you should never let food leftovers go down the drain. Instead, create a composting pile for waste products such as coffee grounds, tea leaves, and other food waste that don't break down. However, if you are not sure what should enter your drain, contact our experts in drain cleaning in Westport, CT.


Minerals thawed in water can create intricate masses that can block your drains. Hence, if you live in an area with hard water issues, you can solve this problem by installing a water softener. If you cannot install one, you will have to remove and descale sediments to prevent mineral buildup regularly. Remember, mineral buildup can be difficult to eliminate once established; thus, contact your plumber for drain snaking if your pipes and drains fail to flow water.

Since there are numerous causes of pipe blockage and clogged drains, the best way to solve this issue is by preventing them from happening. If you have clogging issues, contact JNR Plumbing today to schedule drain cleaning services.

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