Signs of a Gas Leak

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Gas leaks are dangerous. The larger the gas leak is, the easier it is to identify. That may be a good thing, but that also means smaller gas leaks will be harder to notice, posing bigger problems. If you suspect there is a gas leak, contact JNR Plumbing. We will be sure to send a plumber in Greenwich, CT to address the issue. Otherwise, look for the following signs:

  1. Foul Smells

Most people have reported that gas leaks often give off the smell of rotten eggs or sulfur. This is due to a component that utility companies put inside of natural gas because natural gas is originally odorless. The chemical is known as Mercaptan and can be pretty easy to identify once you smell it. Get in touch with our top plumbing company in Greenwich, CT if this comes up.

  1. Decaying Plants

It can be pretty difficult to determine whether or not there is an underground gas leak. However, if there are plants near the gas line and they start to decay, this can be a telltale sign that there may be a gas leak nearby. Consider our plumbing services in Greenwich, CT if you notice plants dying out of nowhere.

  1. Increased Gas Bills

Of course, if your gas bill has skyrocketed in the past month or two, it would make sense to assume you have a gas leak. This can easily happen in cases where the gas leak isn’t showing any signs. If you’re observing higher gas bills, reach out to JNR Plumbing so we can conduct the necessary plumbing repairs in Greenwich, CT.

Our team can advise you on the best route to take to avoid gas leaks. Keep in mind that these are usually caused by appliances that have been fitted poorly. Poorly fitted appliances can easily let gas escape. If you have older appliances or suspect something is contributing to a gas leak, look to JNR Plumbing to address emergency plumbing in Greenwich, CT. Call us or fill out the online form to schedule an appointment.

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