The Dangers of DIY Drain Cleaning

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The Dangers of DIY Drain Cleaning

A clogged drain is best dealt with as soon as possible, to avoid more serious plumbing issues. That said, we don’t recommend attempting to unclog the drain yourself. JNR Plumbing, leading plumber in Norwalk, CT, discusses some of the risks that come with DIY drain cleaning:

Health and Hygiene Problems

Drains often contain lots of dirt, bacteria, and sewage. Coming into contact with these substances can be risky for your health. This is why professionals use the proper equipment and safety gear when providing drain cleaning in Norwalk, CT.

Possible Injuries

Drains are made up of various components. Knowing how to navigate through these without damaging the internal surface of your drains requires proper training that most homeowners don’t have. It's also important to know how to use drain cleaning equipment to avoid injuring yourself in the process. Rather than go through all this trouble, schedule drain cleaning services with a professional instead. 

Damage to Drain Components

Since you lack the experience and training to use drain snaking equipment, you will likely damage your drain when cleaning it. Even if you may not notice the damage right away, it will only get worse later on. 

Temporary Solution

Commercial drain cleaners, plungers, and other methods of DIY drain cleaning often only yield temporary results, especially if a clogged drain has persisted for a while. Even if you seem to have successfully unclogged your drain, the chances of the clog recurring is very high. Invest in long-lasting solutions by working with a professional. 

Suffering from clogged drains? Don’t waste time, money, and effort on DIY methods; instead, schedule professional drain cleaning with JNR Plumbing, the top drain cleaning company today. We have a team of experienced technicians equipped with the proper tools to get rid of the blockage in your drain safely and efficiently. Contact us today.

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