What Causes Clogged Drains

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drain cleaning in Stamford, CT

If you're looking for drain cleaning services in Stamford, CT, you already know how a clogged drain can bring your home to a standstill. Clogged drains make it impossible for you to use your faucets, use your appliances like your dishwasher or washing machine, and they could cause major emergency issues. 

Here are just a few of the issues that cause clogged drains. By knowing what they are, you'll be able to see the signs, and you'll be able to work with a plumber in Stamford, CT, from JNR Plumbing to get rid of them.


Hair clogs is one of the number one reasons for a clogged drain in Stamford, CT. Whether you comb your hair over your sink, or you wash your hair in the shower, hair can easily get caught down the drain. This is especially true if you older drains. When pieces of hair get wrapped around the pipes in the drain, they're almost impossible to get out without reaching out to an expert from our team.

Tree Roots

Many clients of our drain cleaning company in Stamford, CT, aren't initially aware that tree roots can actually get caught inside of drains. They usually find their way into drains through cracks and broken areas of the drain. Once they're inside the drain, they will continue to grow, causing a clog and preventing water from flowing through.

Soap Scum

Soaps scum is a major culprit when it comes to drain clogs. Thick, viscous material like soap scum, hair conditioner, and other cleaning products create build up in the drain, hardening over time and preventing water from flowing through. This is one of those times when you'll need to reach out for drain snaking in Stamford, CT in order to resolve the issue.

Reach out to JNR Plumbing if you're looking for drain cleaning in Stamford, CT. We can help you get everything flowing freely again.  Call us or fill out the online form to schedule an appointment.

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