When to Replace Your Sump Pump

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A sump pump is an essential piece of equipment that protects your basement from flooding and extensive water damage. That’s why you need to ensure it’s functioning correctly before a storm hits. Luckily, some signs can help you know when it’s time to install a new sump pump. As a trusted plumbing company, JNR Plumbing has what it takes to handle all your plumbing needs. Read on for the top signs it’s time to replace your sump pump.

Noisy Sump Pump

Unusual sounds coming from your pump indicate a problem with your system. It could be damaged parts, a jammed impeller, or even a failed bearing. Whatever the case, this is a warning sign that you shouldn’t take for granted. So if you notice your pump making loud rattling, clanging, or gurgling noises, immediately schedule an appointment with our team for our plumbing services.

Your Sump Pump Runs All the Time

When your pump starts running continuously regardless of the water levels, there’s something amiss with it. This often happens because of a switch problem. Generally, your pump depends on both the float arm mechanism and the switch to function.

When the pump changes its position inside the basin, it renders the float ineffective, making your system run non-stop. Eventually, your sump pump may not effectively handle the water load. That’s why you should consider replacing it. A certified plumber in Westport, CT, from our team can help you diagnose your pump and install a new one.

Irregular Cycling

If the float valve is too low, it might cause your pump to turn on and off frequently. Wiring problems could also cause the pump to cycle at odd intervals. This can lead to system failure. Consider upgrading to a more reliable pump before the situation forces you to call for emergency plumbing.

The best way to know when it’s time to replace your system is to monitor its performance. And if you notice something odd, our range of plumbing repairs can help you solve your sump pump issues.

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