Dealing with a Foul Drain Smell

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Dealing with a Foul Drain Smell

Plumbing issues happen in the home on occasion. They are inevitable, but you can rely on a plumber in Greenwich, CT, from JNR Plumbing to address the problem right away. If you’re dealing with a foul drain smell, it’s important to know the reasons behind it.

Here are the reasons behind the issue and how our drain cleaning company can handle the situation:

Bacteria Buildup

One of the leading causes of drain odors is a buildup of bacteria. When debris gets into your drain and ends up being stuck in the pipes, it’s only natural that a foul odor will start to waft out. With professional drain cleaning in Greenwich, CT, you can look forward to not only eliminating the stench but the problem causing it as well.

Sewer Line Problems

If your sewer line runs into a problem, your plumbing can back up and leave you with terrible odors. Your bathroom fixtures can all be affected, but in some cases, you may only have a problem with one. A clogged drain is a common culprit, but you can have a professional from our team tackle the issue.

Blocked Pipes

Once a clog gets really bad or goes unaddressed for too long, you will end up with a blocked pipe. When you run the water, the result is a foul odor as air escapes. You will also likely hear a strange sound from your plumbing when this happens. Drain cleaning services are needed to clear the pipes of the clog and eliminate the odor.

Grease Buildup

Your kitchen sink can emanate a foul odor from its drain if grease and oil build up over time. These items should never go down the drain, but if they do, they can harden in the pipes when the cold water is used. As a result, all other debris can get stuck. You may need our drain snaking service to clear it thoroughly.

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