The Importance of Proper Sump Pump Installation

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If you have a property with a sump pump or are considering installing one to protect your valuable investment, it’s important to keep a few things in mind. The staff of JNR Plumbing offers the following advice on sumps and sump pump maintenance. We hope that you’ll choose us for all your plumbing services in Greenwich, CT now and in the future.

The Purpose of Sump Pumps

Sumps are plumbing fixtures designed to prevent flooding in areas where drainage via gravity flow is not feasible due to low elevation, poor gradient, or insufficient space for standard plumbing lines. The sump is equipped with a sump pump that removes water from the basin when it accumulates to a pre-determined level. Our reputable plumbing company in Greenwich, CT has a wealth of experience with sump systems, and we’re standing by to serve you today.

Quality Workmanship is Critical

The sump basin must be located at the lowest point of the area that it’s draining, and it must be constructed so that it can collect and hold water. The sump pump used should be correctly sized and installed so that it can effectively remove water from the sump, and the piping must be directed to drain outside of the structure and away from the foundation. Properly executing all of these tasks takes the skill and expertise of a licensed plumber in Greenwich, CT.

Other Factors to Consider

The sump and associated features must be protected from cold weather and other damaging conditions. Professional maintenance is also key to keeping the sump system in good working order and preventing unscheduled plumbing repairs in Greenwich, CT.

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