What Are Sump Pumps For?

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If you're looking to avoid basement flooding, a plumber in Norwalk, CT, from JNR Plumbing can help you select a sump pump that's right for your needs. But if you're new to sump pumps, take a minute to learn just what they are for and what to consider when choosing one.

What a Sump Pump Does

In some locations, the lack of a sump pump could increase the risk of needing plumbing repairs in Norwalk, CT. This is because water backups can clog drains in basements and make flooding worse. What a sump pump does is remove water that accumulates in a basement or crawlspace. The pump does this by taking water out of a pit or basin and sending it outside of your home. Not every homeowner needs a sump pump, but it's worth considering if you live in an area where lower-level flooding is common during storms.

What to Consider When Choosing One

Many homeowners have sump pumps that turn on automatically with a pressure sensor or float activator arm. Sump pumps can be submersible, meaning the pump is fully in the basin, or pedestal pumps with an inlet pipe that goes down into the pit. However, the pump itself is above the basin with this design.

You may still find yourself in need of emergency plumbing in Norwalk, CT, if your pump and basin aren't correctly sized. A typical basin receives about 20 gallons of water per minute. The correct size will depend on factors such as how much water normally enters your basement when it rains and how often flooding typically occurs in your area.

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JNR Plumbing is the plumbing company in Norwalk, CT, you can trust for all your sump pump needs. We're here to help with everything from new installations to regular sump pump maintenance and repair.

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