What Goes on During a Pipe Inspection?

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It's not a stretch to say pipe problems are among the biggest reasons you will need a plumber in Norwalk, CT. Even if you do have a general idea of the problem when you contact JNR Plumbing, you may still not be fully aware of what's going on in your pipes. This is why the first step often taken is to perform a pipe inspection. Here's what goes on during a typical inspection.

Using a Camera to Get Answers

Before additional plumbing services are discussed, we'll start with a pipe inspection. This is done by inserting a camera into an existing access point, referred to as a cleanout. Conducting the inspection this way means there's no need for exploratory exaction or other invasive methods.

Looking for Anything Out of the Ordinary

During the inspection, a flexible rod attached to the lighted camera is guided through the pipe. It's usually inserted into the main sewer line. However, the camera is sometimes snaked through the vent stack or into other pipes that may be contributing to the problem.

Showing You the Results

Lastly, we'll show you the results before any plumbing repairs are done. It should be noted that other leak detection methods may be needed to confirm a suspected leak. Cameras can only see what's going on inside a pipe, not where water is leaking out to. That said, the inspection results can show any of the following issues:

  • Structural flaws
  • Tree roots and other sources of blockages
  • Pipe bellying or other common reasons for inefficient flow

JNR Plumbing is the experienced plumbing company you can confidently call on when you have a plumbing-related problem. We can also do pipe inspections before there are any issues. The results can identify anything that should be taken care of now before your pipes or drains are significantly affected.

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