What You Need to Know About Hydronic Heating

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A home is usually a place of peace and relaxation. However, a noisy heating system can make your home uncomfortable. Luckily, our plumbing company in Norwalk, CT has the technology that allows for choosing a quiet and highly efficient heating system, such as hydronic heating. JNR Plumbing shares the key points regarding this heating method.


Since a hydronic heating system uses tubes, you will need to call a plumber in Norwalk, CT. These tubes are installed within the floor joist system or the concrete slab. This technique is referred to as radiant flooring. It also pumps heated water from a boiler throughout the tubing. Radiators and baseboard heating units are often used for sources of heat.

How It Works

The hot water used in the hydronic heating is called heated liquid. It circulates throughout the loops of the plastic tubing. The heated fluid is heated in a boiler before flowing into the plumbing manifold system.

The plumbing manifold acts as a control center by connecting to your thermostat. It also determines the correct temperature of water to send to the different heating zones within a home. Utilizing plumbing services in Norwalk, CT helps your hydronic heating system to run efficiently while maintaining a steady temperature.

Superior Comfort

A traditional forced-air system works by blowing air through a series of vents. This warm air travels through a series of ductwork from the ceilings, floors, and walls. It leads to cold and hot spots on the floor. You can gain superior comfort by taking advantage of our plumbing repairs in Norwalk, CT, along with our hydronic heating services.

JNR Plumbing can provide you with energy and cost-efficient heating alternatives. We also provide emergency plumbing in Norwalk, CT. Contact us today!

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