How Often Should You Have Your Drains Cleaned?

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drain cleaning in Darien, CT

Efficient drains are an important utility in every household. They ensure that all waste is carried away from your home and is not exposed in your environment. To keep drains working efficiently, it’s important to invest in regular drain cleaning in Darien, CT. This will help ensure that your property is free from sewer odor, slow drains, and damaged walls and floors caused by waste flowing back into your home. 

At JNR Plumbing, the trusted drain cleaning company, we have a team of plumbing professionals that will ensure your drains are well maintained. We discuss some factors to consider when deciding how often to schedule your drain cleaning sessions:

Monthly Drain Cleaning

Having your drains cleaned every month is the best thing to do. However, most homeowners forget about drain cleaning as part of their home’s maintenance routine. This is because many things come up in between and interfere with the cleaning schedule. Rather than trying to keep the schedule by yourself, talk to your local plumber and discuss scheduled cleanings. By having your drains professionally cleaned monthly, you are at less risk of a clogged drain.

Weekly Drain Cleaning

For some households, monthly cleanings are not enough. If you have poor drain habits, such as disposing of oil and grease down the drain or throwing leftover food and other biodegradable items down your garbage disposal, you may need weekly drain cleaning services. This will get rid of any blockage in your drain before they can form serious clogs. 

That said, having regular cleaning sessions doesn’t mean that you will be free from drain-related problems in the future. For instance, heavy rains may cause the city sewer line to flood and push the sewage back into your drains. In this case, we recommend calling your local plumbing company for expert drain snaking and hydro jetting services.

Avoid annoying drain problems by investing in regular drain cleaning. Contact JNR Plumbing today to schedule an appointment.

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